Aprilia Atlantic 125 Workshop Manual

I have been meaning to reinstate this for an age - I used to see inbound links from search engines for an age after I rebuilt the site. If you have an Aprilia Atlantic - then the manual it comes with is a bit pants if you actually want to do any full on maintenance. If you want to know more about how to dismantle stuff properly, and the wonder that is putting it all back together AND have it all still work ( .... without a visit to a garage) - then the chances are this is the document you are looking for. While at times a little cryptic - the chances are this is the document you are looking for.

The Aprilia bike comes in 125 and 200 sharing the same chassis with the 300 and the 500 sharing the same. The 125 has the same carburettor as the 125 - which probably makes you pull the same face as me too. The Piagiott Leader engine and CVT belt drive are good for about 75mph and with my world of mostly dual carriage ways and flat out from A to B - the tank is good for about 110 miles of non economy riding.

I can never find this thing when I am looking for it, I found it once, and now a hard copy travels with it to the garage when its above my pay grade. BEHOLD in all its marvellousness the keys to castle - the Aprilia Atlantic 125 Workshop Manual.

Now - I really need to find out whether I have the smarts to figure out how to make the full beam stay on at the same time as the dipped headlamps - make the "angel eyes" ring lamps actually visible to the human eye (there is actually a lamp burried away in there to light those two ridged loops) - and am I comfortable enough with my sexuality to get a European style shroud for my lap to keep my legs cozy/dry in the winter?

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  • Thanks but it’s not very detailed.. certainly not for an engine rebuild.

    • anthony
      5 years ago

      Oh my…. alas no. Although I understand the LEADER engine is used in plenty of other places. Having found this it is here to jog my memory – as the assembly at times can be decidedly “Italian” : /

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