Lemons & Lemonade

I took this picture this weekend.

To be fair I take a lot.

I carry a second generation Olympus Tough in my back pocket of my jersey.

Its drop proof, and waterproof, and as such pretty much the best tool for the job.... an accidental win as I had it sat on my shelf for an age unloved - unused - rejected (purchased to spend its days living in the toxic hostile environment of a handbag of all things).

I take a bunch of pictures when I am out. Mostly they are aimed in the general direction - contrast meaning screen is a no go, and angle, or just the fact I am concentrating on staying on the bike while steering with one arm... sometimes just spray and pray like those behind me.

The success rate is not as bad as you would think - say 190 taken over 7 hours - 40 used.

Colour rendition is 'okay', white point is poor, resolution is poor, depth of.... the list goes on, you get the idea. If anything the blacks come out a little bright, nothing a curves tweak doesn’t liven up.

I see SO MANY things and frame them. People, scenery, shadows, moments, all in my head while out on the bike. It is an opportunity. It is a best fit solution (I dont want to to carry an SLR, I dont want to have a camera strapped to my head, and I want to capture the movement). It is an outlet. I like it.

Up hills, the puncheur ones, the ones that have people full of energy, out of the saddle... to be fair the ones I don't dislike, or early stages of a monster... they always have such character... especially if the rider is breaking ground seemingly into the sky.

This weekend saw a bit of an epic. In short everyone - bike fit or otherwise (me!) - is fussing about the Fred Whitton. If the weather is poor, its going to be an unspeakable hell. If the weather is good there will be far far less distraction to concentrate on the pain. There will be a lot of pain. Anyway - the point is - I was out - and the camera was with me.

One picture, over exposed, sky, out of focus rider, irritatingly captured a special moment - just poorly. Undulating moors roads, bleakness, rider + bike, struggle, sky... big big sky. Boosted contrast, dropped the colour, and long live the cliché - in fact - vignette as a nod to my good friend Gary.   ....and the crowd goes wild.

So - here is the rub. It was intended to be cliché... the outcome of a failed attempt at capturing something. Sure, thirds nicely, ticks boxes, but not what you wanted or intended.... I don’t actually like it? What do you say to the likes?

It... well it just doesn’t sit well.

Its not the first time - it wont be the last. Lemons into Lemonade it would seem.


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