Rack Nuts

Putting the tools back in the box, clearing up all the snipped off ends of zipties, and the static streamers left over from labelling... I look down at my hands they are blackened, and tired.

Rack work sucks.

Today saw some preparatory work for retiring an old bit of kit that is pre failure, and has no business being a single-point-of-failure-anymore. Cables in and kit in, ziptie frenzy, and step back to appreciate the work.

The process involved rack nuts, bolts, washers.

It is only at times like this when you realise how rarely they are used these days... and how unpleasant they are.

Thank you vendors for various flavours of 'rapid rails'.

... For racks made out of proper metal not tin can lid sharp stuff;

... For clearly marked U numbers and going cross eyed counting holes;

... For space to route cables and hooks to retain them into;

... For space for zeroU power supplies that run the length and that hook in not bolt;

Sometimes you forget how far things have come, how much things have improved.

Sure - you might end up with a day with where all you can find is right hand rails... but they dont need lug nuts, they dont need to be adjusted to the correct length and tightened... they are not made of recycled razor wire.

Here is to the small overlooked things.... even if you still end up with filthy hands.

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