Velcro or Zip Ties?

This is not how it looks.

No. Seriously. We are talking about cable management.

A great article I found a while back from Softlayer (an IBM company - who knew?) - on their preference for for zip ties. Just so we all understand when they say hook and loop - they mean Velcro. In short, rack cabling velcro or zip ties?

I guess it very much depends on the kind of environment you are working in as to what you have you use. For me, currently, we use both.

Zip ties suit both purposes in my mind, however Velcro is not quite as at home with  power cable management, with its thicker heavier less compliant bundles.

In an ideal world I would like to see:

- Hardware installed for long term use and re provisioning in situ;

- Each rack delivering a mix of single to multi U hardware with mixed power draw;

- Cabling with pre serial numbered ends to mean tracing is a lot faster;

- Cables coded for application.

At this point zip ties pretty much rule the roost. Synch those bad boys down so the cabling is robust and clean.

All racks are dynamic environments - but a deployment that is not growing - you can plan ahead and get that kind of thing down before you go live.

You have got to have a system and enforce it. I am reminded of the whole "stopped clock is right twice a day, a slow one is never right" however - a system that is not adhered to however is way, way, *WAY* worse than no system at all. Best to just be the change you want to see.

What is your choice, and does that differ from your ideal? There is a story in that alone.

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