R1soft & Virtuozzo Kernel Source

So - here we are - more R1 joyous experiences.

Parallels Virtuozzo - container based paravirtualization - common kernel stuff akin to the vserver of old.

Anyway vzup2date runs, kernel updates, and then next restart of your R1soft cdp-agent no dice, and no means to build a new one.

What you need is a little of this...

#!/bin/bash # Get-me-some-kernal-sauce from the Parallels / Odin peoples and dump in drivers folder.

PVC=$(awk '{gsub(/-.*$/,"",$NF);print $NF}' /etc/virtuozzo-release)

KERNEL=`uname -r`

ARCH=`uname -m`

mkdir drivers

cd drivers/

wget -c http://vzup2date.parallels.com/virtuozzo/linux/${ARCH}/${PVC}/CU-${KERNEL}/vzkernel-${KERNEL}.${ARCH}.rpm

wget -c http://vzup2date.parallels.com/virtuozzo/linux/${ARCH}/${PVC}/CU-${KERNEL}/vzkernel-devel-${KERNEL}.${ARCH}.rpm

wget -c http://vzup2date.parallels.com/virtuozzo/linux/${ARCH}/${PVC}/CU-${KERNEL}/vzmodules-${KERNEL}.${ARCH}.rpm

Which you can then switch to the drivers directory, and check out the contents. The reason why we are doing is this is because we have a new kernel - and no source for it - as such in theory the modules and the kernel will already me installed.

uname -a

...should match the version of the RPM's now in the drivers folder. Yay.

rpm -U vzkernel-devel-2.6.32-042stab108.2.x86_64.rpm

... for example to install the source. Please note that your file name will start with vzkernel-devel but the number will change - so no blind copy-paste.

So - now we have a kernel we can build ourselves a new agent.

/usr/bin/r1soft-setup --force-update --no-binary  && /etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart

Bosh. Great success. Now - where are the tea and medals?


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