Go-Pro & Garmin Mount

I have been the very fortunate recipient of a spare Go-Pro. Sure - it's a first gen Hero - but it's a thing, and I am not at all confident with this 'moving image' malarkey - so I thought it was worth a play. However I am not a fan of needless clutter on my handlebars - so I looked into options available out there.

A clubmate of mine had gone down a similar route - so I got the link and had a play. Super Star Components - Garmin GoPro Stem Mount - £14.99 worth a go right?

On arrival it is a lot clearer as to how it attaches - essentially requiring a four bolt stem in the first place (check!) to which it bolts.

Two lengths of bolts come with the mount, and the bolts are stepped away from the stem by some rather solid spacers, and "as all stems are not created equally" - they engage through the mount through two slots allowing you to centre it on the stem, and allow for different bolt spacings.

The mount is (apparently) billet forged, then CNC cut  and then what looks to be powder coated. Needless to say, to manage that - it is metal (T6 Aluminium to be exact).

The result after a bit of faffing is an exceptionally solid mount.

Cheap Garmin mount alternatives have a habit of bouncing around like a box of frogs - however this is a sturdy thing - even more so than the spec unit that came with my Edge 1000.

The GoPro engaged nicely with the mount underneath, and after a daub of grease the retaining bolt went in a treat.

Viewed from above you cannot even see the GoPro - just the bolt. Genius.

Sure  it weighs a bit. Then again - so do I - so this is the least of my worries to be fair.

My first attempts at footage have been great - and very little in the way of vibration or road buzz put through to the device. Great stuff. Very pleased with it - if you have a need, a four bolt stem I would challenge you to find something as nice


*Since putting this together I have noticed they do a second Garmin and GoPro mount... although it appears to cost more despite looking less sturdy. For bikes with a two bolt stem this may be an option.

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