My involvement with my current chosen profession can be traced back to two things - the arrival of a ZX81 in my house as a child, and living by the seaside, and the wonder and amazement of video games.

In the early days of gaming - lets call that the Spectrum Years there were so many invented concepts, never before seen styles and methods. Looking back now (with MAME) the memories of excitement usually outlives the experience with the gameplay these days. However a few still hold the test of time. I quickly started to realise that the shiny was worth nothing without game play and depth.

Transitioning through IBM XT and AT's and pivoting over to console era I can name the games that sucked up the most of my world:

- Elite

- Alone In The Dark

- X-Wing

- Syndicate Wars

- X-Com

- Half-Life

- Final Fantasy VII

- Wipeout 2097

- Resident Evil

Then as things got more fancy - more shiny - more shallow - released on all platforms - the fascination either evaporated, or the quality just was not out there. Sure - Battlefield 3 maybe even 4 a bit - certainly no Modern Warfare - throw in some Gears of War, and some Braid and that beauty that is Limbo - both of those two simple, beautiful, low budget art no less - I digress - then ... then there comes Fallout. Let me say that again and savour the moment... Fall Out.

Rarely do the words "Please Stand By" generate quite so much excitement, as a clock on a web page slowly ticks downward... .

Back in October 2010 - Bethesda released 'Fallout New Vegas'.

Fallout3 had hoovered up a fair amount of dark winter evenings a few years prior. A completion was involved, if not a few, as I went back to save points to finish in different ways and then the DLC on top of that. What a thing. What an environment. The wonder that is the storyline (a world stuck in 1950's style suffering an apocalypse), the music, the attention to detail, the vastness of the world you explore.

In a world where Skyrim really didn't cut it for me despite post dating it - I am most excited to see what Fallout 4 has to offer. Strike that - over excited. Something I appear to share with my friends in the office (this is a good and bonding thing).

So here we are. 1500hrs BST Wed 3rd June 2015 beckons.

Now you have better be available on a platform I have! OH DEAR LORD NO IT IS NOT.


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