sand + speedplay = sadness

Yeah - so sure the view is nice. In fact, how lucky I am for living this close to a view such as this that I am casually passing through it on the way out for a ride.

Flat route you they said. Slow they said. Fun they said.

Few things, fill the world of a the speedplay pedalled rider with fear and loathing more than having to walk through something that is going to result in a cleat full of ming.

On this list includes pine needles, muddy fields, muddy fields with a lot of cows in - and heading up the list as a clear winner - sand.

The issue is thus - while a fantastic pedal platform (and I mean that - it is the right tool for the job) - the gubbins with the workings in is attached to your shoe as opposed to the bike. The cleat in traditional terms being attached the the pedal. The attaching and retaining workings are on the bottom of the shoe.

Under the shoe a large circular space where the pedal engages with is surrounded with a metal circlip. It will spring and engage with the ridge on the pedal - and then through the wonders of lubricants and design this is permitted to rotate through so many degrees between its retaining plates.

Introduce sand - and it will bind to even the most "dry" of dry lubricants. it will fowl up the uber close tolerances, and then through brute force and ignorance - and need to make the thing work will then form the most effective of grinding pastes.

Two. TWO cleaning attempts later we are back to a sense of normality.

"Come to the coast, 'have a few laughs."

Oi! Sand! No.


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