Garmin + Strava

Sometimes people cling to their own platform. Despite all the signs. Despite people voting with their feet. Sometimes its just better to wake up and move with how things are.

I am reminded of Ubisoft and the early days of xbox online.... and the various double sign ins, or an account you knew you were pretty much never going to use.

Enter Garmin. Maker of the ubiquitous Edge - seen in its many guises on the handlebars of just about any club level rider or above. A coveted position - a throne once held soundly by the mighty Polar, Finnish giants.

The Garmin Connect software allowing you to create segments. Which is nice. But why? Why would I want to? Strava has segments. Strava has segments the world can see. It keeps leader boards. It keeps fastest rides ever, hell it even keeps fastest times this year. Why would I bother.

Common sense strikes - and integration is now possible directly onto their devices. Gone is the segment icon - and replaced is the Strava.

  • Ensure you are running the latest firmware (4.10 - which you can update using Garmin Express).
  • Using Garmin Connect - authorise it to use the Strava API.
  • Synchronize your FAVOURITED SEGMENTS.
  • Synchronize your device (Bluetooth / Wireless).
  • BEHOLD - Strava icon - with Strava segments.

Now it is just a matter of seeing how that pans out while riding.

However this is very much a step in the right direction.

Thank you Garmin - Thank you Strava.


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