I was on my way home yesterday. I was not on my bike. I came to a halt at a pedestrian crossing. Looking up to see the family crossing in front of me I see a red faced, helmet-less, trainer wearing, bispectacled, loose socked, baggy short wearing chap on a yellow generic road bike jump the lights with them still crossing.

The male in the group hurled abuse at the cyclist (Always the choice of champions when out with your children I find: Stay Classy)... and the 'person on a bike' hurled some back (despite being in the wrong). The exchange continued as the lights went green, the two parties became increasingly distant from each other (although comedically not as quickly as I would have expected) - and I moved away road now clear.

I... I was angry. Very angry - with the person ...who I will purposefully describe as "person on a bike" ...who will now be cited as the "Cyclists don’t stop for red lights".

Let us be clear: This idiot does not speak for me.

I only ride around 6,000 miles a year - which works out on average as something like 16 miles a day. Which is 'okay'. As such I would consider myself a cyclist. I have a road bike, a fully fledged racing bike, although I do not race. It is what I do. I am a cyclist.

I am one of the ones probably riding a little wider from the curb. Going the wrong speed to be easily overtaken. Riding in two's when you would prefer we were not. Maybe you even believe that we don’t belong on the road. Plenty of things to irritate - I get that.

HOWEVER from one red faced bi-spectacled cyclist - to an oaf on a bike (who a sweeping yet based on observation occasional cyclist)  .... STOP JUMPING LIGHTS YOU GIT.

I am done now.

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  • Funnily enough, as I driver, I feel the same way whenever I see/hear cyclists bemoaning those drivers who don’t know how to share the road with cyclists.

    I do know how to drive around cyclists and get similarly irked when tarred with the same brush as those who don’t.

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