Lack of capacity or planning?

Imagine you were a company that delivered photos for events. This was your line of work. It is what you 'do'.

Imagine that you were not one of the (excellent) sportive ones - but you were the daddy. You got the gig for national events, marathons, mass start events all over the place.

Imagine you got the best part of 26,000 riders for one event ID'd and sorted for collection.

Imagine you sent out a mail with a handy link involving (your now forgotten) number in it.

Imagine the disappointment when the wheels come off and you see a bunch of this:

504 Gateway Time-Out

The server did not respond in time.

It's almost like they didn’t expect the influx. It's almost like they were not expecting people at the site.

Nginx talking to a back-end Apache2 or some such - and its whhhhay too busy, and the wheels come off while waiting for it to service its request. Sure... you are using CDN's - but the look of things two... sure you are using Nginx front of house to speed things up - but really? I expect to see this kind of oversight on shared hosting.

Scale it people, plan it, scale it, stagger it, something... it's not a surprise, its not news, its not unexpected, its going to happen, and you didn’t do anything about it. Well - not enough.

While this isn't life threatening - it IS revenue losing... and while it hurts inside to say this - that is what usually gets more attention to detail.

Sad now.


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