Windows 10 & POP3

It doesn't sit well with me when I say that Microsoft appear to have 'got it' a little more with their latest release. It works. It looks nice. It feels nice. More importantly it feels more like they are with it as opposed to playing catch up or heading off at a tangent with blunt force trying to carve the new cool... and failing.

Explorer must be cheating - its almost too quick.

Layout is nice.

UI is slick.

It's more human.

A delight.

HOWEVER - it's apparent from support that Outlook, Windows 10, POP - it's just plain broken.

It's a good job the kind of people still using POP3 for email are up to speed, on point, finger on the pulse types... otherwise this would become a support nightmare.... oh.... hang on. O_o

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  • anthony
    8 years ago


    The solution to the random and related issues of unable to find host, SSL failure, unable to connect and so on that started after the upgrades to Windows 10 seems to be quite straight forward.

    The update said it went okay – alas – it did not.

    The solution is to check the files installed – and make good.

    While this takes a while – it appears to resolve the random wrongness we are seeing after people upgrade to Windows 10 – where Outlook stops working – when it did perfectly well before.

    With elevated privileges run the following at the command line:

    sfc /scannow

    … let it do it’s thing – find the files that are not as they should be – take an age doing so.

    Return to machine working.

    Great success.

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