“Call Now”

If SpaceX can publish a price list - why - for-the-love-of-deity-of-choice are there still people out there with the "call us now" for pricing.

Is it competition. Is under NDA. Is it fear of competition?

If a space mission is not too complex to price - then what is going wrong?

I don’t want to "have that conversation" -  I don’t want to engage - I don’t want to have my details harvested and be continually pestered about that product I chose not to go with you for.

Playing Devils Avocado - are you undercutting the opposition SO much that you cannot put your pricing online - really? Are you buying into something that requires a legal requirement not to state the pricing? Are they selling at a rate so low, that their supplier would terminate the agreement if they were to find out? Because I seriously doubt it.

I want to know where I stand, I want a ballpark, I want clarity and transparency.

Is that too much to ask for?


In the past I have been involved in these.

I have been involved with the "no one else has published pricing" - the "it is too bespoke" - the "it is based on postcode / distance from site X" projects before. It is not Rocket Science.... it will deter the time wasters, and the clarity in an otherwise pricing vacuum may in fact drive custom your way? You just need a handle on what it is and whether it is for you sometimes... I have a strong hunch that speaking to a traditional salesman is going to sway me - especially if it then turns out the price is too high? Do you?

Grow a pair - get the pricing out there ... disrupt and take a risk - but for heavens sake - clarity / transparency - publish pricing!


*Maybe - as I think increasingly it must me - I am special.




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