Equality, inclusion, and inaction

"If we just listen to the vocal or already empowered, we miss the wealth of wisdom and experience from the voiceless and hidden. Plus it assumes or imposes hierarchy in a space that strives for collaboration among equals.

Equality is not easy to achieve in our shared global culture we experience different legal, ethical, and cultural frameworks, and we have to respect them, but it's still often clear what's right, and what's wrong, and those are the things we have to fight for.

The trouble with fairness is that it doesn’t fracture it's slowly eroded. If we don't respect the people it's easy to respect, how can we hope to be tolerant across the wider gaps. If we don’t challenge the laughter on the small things, how can we hope to tackle the really big ones. If equality doesn’t start at home, how can we hope to expect it at work or globally>

For an organisation to tolerate homophobia or racism, discrimination on the grounds of gender or believe is intolerable. It's wrong.

The culture is not broken because of one or two people in a remote location: Its broken because of the thirteen other people who laugh along because they don’t dare to challenge the laughter. The culture is broken when one person feels like they're disenfranchised for being the one person who is right." -- Julian Stodd.

An entire 'book of words' - and on a generally unrelated subject matter - but this really struck a chord with me.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time in the company of this chap this week - amidst the mass, and accompanied by the the takers of notes and names. Refreshing stuff.... and abstract given the context.

Thank you that man.




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