Hardware, and feeling old

This story starts with changing a drive in an antique - a very much alive, and very much used, enterprise antique.

Matter of fact for me.

Old terms and phrases come flooding back - specific to the world that is ... or rather was SCSI.

LVD, HVD, SCA, Ultra160, Ultra360, SCSI II, Wide, Quantum / Atlas Maxtor, and so on.

Realising this is all long gone technology and standards, I present a more than competent n00b with a failing drive (thankfully a hot spare) and point out the connector on the back.... SCA.

The expected *snatches drive to inspect* takes place.

SCA2, LVD, Maxtor Atlas V, 10k, RPM, 73GB. It would struggle to be more indicative of an era if it made a MoDem training sound when you picked it up. This is a Dot Com era thorough bread.

He turns it over and takes in the differences from PATA, SATA, SAS interfaces... asks a few pertinent questions.

Then pauses as he works his way over the labelling.

"This drive was manufactured before I started High School".


...there is no coming back from that.


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