#mycyclingweekend picture on road.cc

It would appear that one of my point and hope photos has made its way onto Road.CC ... again. Yay.

Personally I blame it on the fine routes plotted by my comrades, and their stunning good looks set against the backdrop of a beautiful part of the world to live in.

Anyway - as I was saying - posted under my cycling weekend - it made me smile, not a bad start to the week.


"Once you reach the peak that rush isn’t reserved for endorphins and pride; there’ll be a different kind of excitement coursing through your veins. Anticipation.

Attacking a descent is the closest to flying a human being can reasonably expect to get under their own power. The rush of air through your helmet and over your handlebars, and the deafening roar of wind past your ears is beyond anything runners can reasonably expect to experience.

Obviously as the winter sets in you’ll have to take corners a little easier, and be on red alert for patches of ice, but you’ll still feel free." - Road.cc

roadcc-mycyclingweekendThe article borrows from the instagram image of Mat here (for heavens sake cover your knees man!) climbing out from Llyn Brenig on the Denbigh Moors, towards what is shortly to become the full descent of The Road To Hell... in the considerably less Hellish pervasively downhill direction.

Personally I prefer the original which is not square.

I love this road. Not because I like riding uphill but because of the smooth tarmac, because of the views, and the way the road snakes around visibly as if drawn by a child. This combined with the stunning scenery over Llyn Brenig and the drop off down the valley towards Denbigh. Unlike the stark unwelcoming mass of moorland, this has so much water, and ever green, it lends even the most lacklustre of misty damp days something... something that I really have failed to capture here. All of this builds to an undulating downhill.

Nicely done. Thank you for the nod, and the words, and thank you to those who pointed it out to me too who was otherwise oblivious.



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