Welcome to the Social Age

I am working my way through a course at the moment. Forever the cynic / realist - however it has actually been quite insightful to be fair... amidst all of the school psychology and instruction were two absolute gems. That of SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory - a personality test - unsurprisingly painting me as predominantly green blue going greener and redder under conflict) - and the works on and around the end of the Information Age... and the fact we are very much already in the Social Age.

I was fortunate enough to sit in on a talk with Julian Stodd from Seasalt Learning while I was up at our Glasgow office. What a remarkable man, and what a remarkable outlook. In a nutshell - the following - 14 minutes of you tube pretty much skims over the contents of his book. The concepts of Social Capital alongside traditional leadership hierarchy... look around you - it is already here.


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