Winter is upon us

Winter is upon us - this was very apparent getting in from a ride yesterday. No slow change, no easing in, 15C blue skies and gorgeous, a windy two weeks, and 2C with snow on hilltops. Boom. Thank you. "BEHOLD I AM WINTER."

Heading out in light rain yesterday - the forecast had improved. Warmer. No wind chill and a cloudy night of heavy rain. Out into a curious green light and light rain to meet the others for the VCM Sunday Club Ride.

Not fully winterized, but the switch had definitely been made, covered legs and knees, neoprene overshoes, wind-stopper fleece jacket, but thinner gloves.

The route was short. Short but with a good climbing ration 34 miles forward 3200ft of climbing. Giving the moors a miss, and heading back down for social time over adventure in the deep freeze.

When you get in - and the warmth hits you almost rendering you dizzy.

The layers of wet material stripped away and deposited in a slop in front of the washing machine. Gone is the simplistic summer - in is the layers of sodden fleece layers, and the remnants of warmth they had been offering as they come off.

Your feet, which had not been troubling you are clearly asleep - and you have to wait for them to warm up before even considering a shower (experience says warming them up externally is a painful thing)... it is time to eat, drink warm things, and reflect on the ride.

Looking through the pictures of the day, rain drops glistening, reflective roads, colours, snow on hills, snow beside the road.

Winter - thanks - not so much the Elevator Pitch as an introduction to a deep swim after a short plank.

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