Online Shopping Badly

Growing up and unable to do my own bike mechanics - my friends and I pretty much floated our local bike shop (LBS). These days, with tools, experience, and a bit of a clue - it is very much a case of acquisition of items is the only barrier (short of knowing which item you require). So... select online vendor - item in stock - order on Saturday - Wednesday I get a dispatch notification, and.... HANG ON A MOMENT?!

So lets clarify this - Saturday - the weekend - Ordered. WEDNESDAY 96 hours later I get a confirmation of shipping notification - for an item that was sowing as IN STOCK in a friendly shade of green. FOUR DAYS - two thousand and SIXTEEN? Really?

Sorry - did I slip back into a world of "allow 21 days for delivery" ... when between you and me back then the post was pretty damned hot - so it would have been 1 day for standard post delivery 20 days of ... who knows what (I seem to remember this being the worst for things purchased with tokens off of Star Wars toys as a child - "WHERE IS MY GAMORREAN GUARD MUMMY?!"). Given the fact there was a charge for delivery I am pretty much incredulous.

My usual weapon of choice is Wiggle - who if they have it in stock it will be next day maybe, more likely day after, worst case - day after that. Chain Reaction Cycles however - oh no - and this is not the first time.

For the love of [deity of choice] Chain Reaction Cycles get your game together.

*although to be fair they were the only ones with the item I required : /


Six days after placing the order, for items that were in stock last Saturday - they arrived today. I stand corrected that there was no charge for delivery however. The delivery however being the least of my concerns. Ordered to be prepared - the day before I pretty much went through a set of shoes in a single ride. Nice.


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