To challenge a troll

The troll is a curious creature.

The natural troll is not doing it for sport - they see not what they do.

They are doing it out of misplaced sense of righteousness that stretches beyond ignorance.

However - to silence the troll is to pour fuel on the flames.

Curiously their obsession becomes more vocal when you take their tools away.

Suddenly free speech and being picked upon are *their* hardships, primary focus.

"Oh the injustice of it all."

It's always a surprise as this is rarely a pervasive element in their interactions with others who fall outside of their peer group.

Abstracting yourself from the situation is very very different from letting it go on unchallenged.

I remind myself that trying to reason with people is not always the way to go. Their skills may lay in other areas; The challenged will bring you down to their level, and then beat you with experience every time.

It is a funny old world.

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