3.4 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

You have probably heard of the concept of Six Degrees of Separationor – the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Big Data. It is worth… what you do with it. No point having a tonne of putrefying data – make it work for you. Find stuff out. Work it. More specifically store it in a way that allows you to exercise it.

It is the reverse of what they say – it is responsibility. With great responsibility comes great power. While the capacity is there, it doesn’t always have to be for bad things.

Facebook have one of a few unique windows on the world.

Here is a fantastic article on the the same concept three and a half degrees of separation – and for the data they have access to the number is a lot smaller than you would imagine.

For me the world has 3.44 degrees of separation – so I sit amongst the most common group within the bell curve distribution. Who knew.

The world is indeed a small place.



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