A tail of two packages

How you package stuff up generally has quite an effect on how well it travels / is treated. This, as I should imagine is not much surprise to any of you.

However - here is the cautionary tale of the same object arriving with me, and being sent back by me.

The delivery lady clunks the thing down, asks me to sign while my wide eyes stare at the object she nonchalantly bumped down with an uncomfortable metal / concrete kind of noise.  O_o

"Is it a tile or slab of some sort?" she asked.

"No actually - its electronic. In fact, it is quite expensive." I replied.

"Oh." came the response as the Hermes delivery person at what I now imagine to be a more hurried pace grasped back their terminal and scurried off to their cat-full-of-packages and made haste away leaving me with what, as far as i was concerned was a Cisco switch in a bin bag.

BEHOLD here it is on arrival - the understated greatness of this is hard to take in from this picture alone. This is black wrap (as opposed to bin bag), covering what appears to be a thinly metallised bubble wrap. This is pretty amazing stuff, but not for something weighing a couple of kilos travelling economy class. Oh no.


It may come as no surprise - but the unit did not work.

So I sent it back, dead on arrival.

I sent it back in the type of packaging I would expect for a rack mount networking device.


The man in brown turned up (Dear UPS - brown - really?), I signed, handed it over by the hand holds in the top, and fumbled it dropping an edge onto the floor - however - did I care - one jot? No. It was more than well enough packaged.




That is all.

....and relax.




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