Computing Books #1

On the theme of books - as the ZX81 manual and the Usborne series were pretty monumental in terms of life changes - however here are two articles regarding books that have made a fair change to the way I do things in my "what do you do during your day Daddy?".

Specifically the white one here - which as much as I hate the banding around of authors names like they mean something - Limoncelli and Hogan was a text that I had heard others talking about. The book is written in the style of a manual for new employees - and that is pretty much how it works out.

Between these two it is carrying out everything from designing cabling structures and standards, cooling, fuelling strategies and so on.


Its fair to say that while the way things are discussed may be a little dated, and technologies may have evolved - the concepts and the areas covered are still very relevant.

The whole "I expect all my good admins to have read this book before they start" - damned straight. Even if its not something you are going to be exposed to - the wider knowledge was great.

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