Computing Books #2

Continuing with the book theme - these two have been pretty key in terms of changes to the way I did things.

The Unix shell script book is pretty much 'what it says on the can'. I have a fear of books generally - they are not my preferred method of adsorbing information. This one however like the ZX81 manual I started off with - does the job nicely. Concepts, examples, tools, receipts. I am not even sure if they have this in print any more - so go borrow one. It makes a great reference.

Time Management for System Administrators. Sure - it mentions things like RT, and the time for that has come and gone - but the concepts in terms of managing to make, defend, and use time for the focus point for all of those "this is broken please fix" requests, are still very relevant. A bit that sticks out for me was "You will read this, and then ignore it. You will read this again, and adopt bits."  They were right - how did they know? Simple things - and the realisation that this has been an issue since the role existed. Ticketing. Physical Access. Approaches. Love it. A small book, and despite the bits that show their age with things like RT - good stuff.


  • Rather than just grumble and complain - I use a ticketing system for support tasks - but for other tasks I will either use Evernote with a day page split up into About today, priorities (only ever three), things for today, things to do later. Crossing each through that I carry forward, and adding a number beside them, ticking those off completed. You quickly get the idea when the item you are looking at has a 5 beside it... either its not a task for today, or it needs breaking down into bits you are likely to ever get started / finished.


  • I am not sure whether that is a wolverine or a honey badger.... either way I resent / secretly approve (in equal measure) what they are suggesting about my chosen career path!

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