Bandwidth. LOTS of bandwidth

The world is consuming increasing amounts of bandwidth. It is insatiable. The world has shifted from the frustration at being without cellular data is now the exception to the rule... and in some places 4G signal being faster than more conventional wired networks.

At a carrier or provider grade, real, non contented bandwidth is an expensive commodity to deliver, it is expensive to provision. For physical deployment point to point it involves a fair amount of men with shovels, holes in roads, the deep joy of traffic lights, delays, and a princely sum every month, quarter, year. It is a very physical process, and that is usually just back to an existing backbone delivered by a third party.

This being said it is mostly written off as a 'cost of doing business'.

None the less - it is costed as a resource to be included, or as a separate entity for large enough quantities.

We are expanding at such a great speed now, that the cost of delivery before too long will be negligible for existing infrastructure.

Here is an interesting extract from an article Global Network Construction Resurgence - TeleGeography - 23rd April 2015:

New data from TeleGeography’s Global Bandwidth Research Service reveal that international bandwidth grew 44% in 2014, to reach 211Tbps. The 65Tbps of new capacity deployed in 2014 is comparable to nearly the entire amount of bandwidth in service globally in 2011.

This rapid capacity growth is driven by a changing mix of global network operators. Private networks, particularly those of large content providers, account for a growing share of international bandwidth, even surpassing Internet bandwidth on the trans-Atlantic route last year. Consequently, network operation has become a core part of the business for some of the largest content providers.

...some real food for thought.

That is a LOT of kittens.

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