Rack Nuts and Rapid Rails

Today I was racking up some hardware that needed its own A B power supplies - to do so I had to mount two APC 1U PDU's from stock.

I found two with ears and retainers, and slid them from the stock. Carrying them over to the back of the rack, opening the doors, and locating the U they were going in and immediately remembering that I was going to need rack nuts.


What a pain.

How much we take for granted rapid rails and their equivalences for other brands. One handed installs, no need to even go to the back of the rack. Orientate, push through, locate, pull, clip, locate front, clip, done.

I fished out the bolts nuts, spacers, and went through to show the n00bs with the usual "what are these?" - blank expressions.

To be fair this was as much about apologising for the cursing that was likely to occur as I tried to get the nuts into the confined space without stabbing myself or dropping them into the rack.

- Racks that are rigid.

- Rack rails that don’t require nuts.

- Rack rails that don’t have to have bolts done up to fit the size.

- Racks with the U's marked out with numbers so there is no skewed mounting.

- Zero U PDU's.

... those are just the ones I can think of.

Here is to the small unnoticed but relentless advancementments of ease.


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