Garmin Edge 1000 dead.

The ubiquitous Garmin does a great job in terms of data, is in a great and well thought through package, with a hateful UI and software. However - you do not really miss it until you glance down through the raining sweat and see the empty mount... or when you get in to find that you forgot to start Strava on your phone. Hangs head.

Saturday was one of those days when you needed to get out to ride to keep your shit together. A friend and I had headed out with a route in mind. Dropping out of thick fog down the Crimea Pass with the Garmin pushing high 50mph's - the reality of the gently winding smooth descent with occasional rainbowed sectioned started to dawn on me... as my ears popped, and I emerged from the fog and wet into an otherwise pleasant day.

My Garmin still seems to think I am dropping like a boulder from a plane.


Trying to turn it off it is having none of it.

Pulling up and holding the button in for what must have been the best part of a minute the screen fades to a shade of LCD grey. Change of state - always a good thing.

However back on was not forthcoming. Not good.

Having got home, plugging it in to charge there was a notable hissing / crackling coming from the unit as it charged. This is less than optimal. Equally there was no reason to be out of charge, ans it had had a full charge before we headed out.

After a day or two of "does it work" has it decided to come back to life again (I have had devices where they would enter a state that would require the battery to run down completely for them to come back to life before - these include an early generation iPhone, and an equally old Sony VAIO).

Contacting Garmin - they got back to me a day or so later with a nice reply suggesting that I should - as it was well within warranty return it to the vendor for a boxed new replacement, or... which seemed to be a rather weighted or, jump through many hoops involving proof of purchase and the like for them to replace it with repaired unit (someone elses broken Garmin!).

So after a week on from the return - I am looking to chase up Wiggle on their process. Their reply came back with:

We can confirm that we have now received the item and our team is currently processing it.
In order to help with this process, can we kindly ask you to provide more information on the fault?

This does not look overly promising.

Here is to a speedy resolution.

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  • anthony
    8 years ago

    Now we are looking at a month.

    After asking for an explanation it comes down to this – they are unwilling to replace any part of a bundled kit without the entire bundle being returned.

    Did they answer the repeated question on how am I meant to know which of the sensors or straps came with the kit, no.

    On the up side – are they asking / demanding for the original packaging – no. This is great – I seem to remember this argument when returning a tape deck with monster wow/flutter issues back in the day – equally around ten months old and still within warranty but the “we need it in the original box” … “Do you now. Well allow me to retort…” .

    Lacking in clear reasoning without requests – but lets hope now they have all the parts that Wiggle can progress this in a timely manner… even if I am currently unable to use the damned thing.

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