I don’t like hills

I don't like hills. It's true - and you will often hear me saying as much between stolen breaths as rhythmically plod uphill.

I am - quite simply put - not engineered for them.

Sure - I could be lighter, and that would help... but realistically it is ALL about the power-to-weight - and the little people have that in bucket loads.

I can aspire at best to be a puncheur one day - at best - if I try hard... lapping up those short climbs and the rolling countryside.

So sure - the list of local top 100 UK climbs - check - Hardknott, Wrynose, Struggle, Whinlatter, Kirkstone, the list goes on - check - but DAMN that stuff puts a dent in you. More so as you watch your little friends dance away from you on their pedals without being in the dinner plate at the rear.

Its an unrealistic expectation - I get that - and sure - the shoe is on the other foot when the same power is applied on the flat... but really? Why oh why on why do I feel such a failure / anger going up hill?

Let. It. Go.

Tools for a job.


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