British Cycling? No.

BC are the kind of organisation that I have love hate relationship with.

They are both the self elected governing body of the competitive side of the sport, train the national teams, and are involved increasingly at a club level (while well meaning and for the right reasons regretfully a mechanism driven by numbers and metrics it would appear at the cost of people and communities in some cases it would appear.... allegedly).

There have been a number of articles in 'the media' regarding issues with coaching stuff falling on deaf ears.

Today I picked up on a phrase and two comments which represent what I should think are the two sides of the same point.

"Winning At Any Cost" goes the slogan in a similar way as another outfit has been saddled with "An Accumulation Of Marginal Gains".

Now 'at any cost' seems like a very reasonable statement when you are at the top of any game - you are very much the elite.

However - you are equally a human being - and you have fought, and sacrificed hugely to get there.

The two statements that really rang true with me in a thread below a link to an article are the following:

"I thought competitive top level sport was about winning, I'm obviously wrong"

"Not at the expense of morality and equality, this is OUR national governing body, and I'm yet to see anything performance related to her not being capable of winning."

The latter - all of the latter - this is all that really matters. Sure - win. "Taking part" is not something that is passed around at an elite level event with any credence.... but these are people with a unique skill they have honed, sacrificed for... these are usually people with a very specific set of personality traits as well.... so for it to get as far as it has... un acceptable.


Regretfully the only articles I have seen have been from a paper that I actually had to make changes to my routing table to ensure I could reach to read the article, and will not do them credit by citing them here and linking to them... however - should that be true - despite the tabloid source (the cynic might suggest the topic was picked up upon due to athletic women in skinsuits over its public interest and newsworthy nature) then this is appalling that it has been occurring... and positive that it appears that changes to the "at any cost" policy.

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