British Cycling? Yes.

I joined British Cycling (BC) for one reason - and one reason only. Legal support. Essentially I looked into the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) - and they were priced similaraly for the same service. This followed seeing a friend take a corner to find a car on his side of the road, and continue towards him. He damaged the car badly enough for it to not be viable for repair - and they came after him.... thankfully *he* was covered under his house insurance. I, was not. Incidentally - not only was this their fault - he also broke his leg in I believe three places - along with other injuries.... laying on the road making deep noises more akin to a whale than a human being. It was a shock that made me see sense with the benefit of hindsight.

So - sure - I am a member of a club, and hold BC membership - but this is not through some allegiance, or misplaced belief that I either want to race, or want to compete. I don't ... in fact, on the whole, unless it is the spectacle of the big tickets... I have zero interest* - possibly on a par with football or golf.

I am now 'fortunate' if that is the word to have the backing of BC in a case against the driver who - similarly - was on the wrong side of the road, and broke me. This is a good thing. This is the day when the preparations and plans pan out. No one wants to be here, but when you are... its a good feeling. Would I recommend it? Hell yes. Very yes. Why are you still reading... go sort.

This is why I am a member of BC... however - maybe it is time to change, maybe I need to get over my images of bears, cotton duck, and panniers, and give the CTC a try next year?

Just saying.

*My bag is very much that of time trialling... and I don’t care how fast or slow I am... it is me against myself. You need to belong to an affiliated club to Cycling Timetrials (CT - another organisation), and pay your levy for the event - this is similar to the day ticket for a TLI event... and differs from the BC approach where you pay a levy for the event, each rider must pay for a license, and then pay again on the day to BC... which ... well... I dont think the dots need joining.

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