Deda Stem Failures

It was a normal Wednesday when someone posted a picture about a bike that had a failure.

Closer inspection showed a failed stem. The handlebars having been liberated - leaving no means to either steer, hold the bike straight, upright, or brake.

The bike was a brand new from Ribble with the stock configuration. This happened - downhill - at over 30mph.

Hands up who wants to use their nose / face / chin / teeth as a brake?


The rider escaped fortunately with minor injuries, I am guessing heading off onto grass pretty quickly. However - just the site of it had the scenario panning out in your head. Wincing - as you picture becoming a passenger on a very short journey toward an unsurprisingly hard, abrasive, and unforgiving surface - before dragging to a stop.


First of all the thread went on with analysing what they could see. Bolts popped, face plate pushed up, immediate fatigue at top bolts, snapped off, bars out. The rest is chaos and grimacing.

Focus turns to torque - improper fitting - bolt materials. Process of doing up diagonally in small increments, and the use of a torque wrench. Experience, professional and personal pours out - always concluding with well wishing - but then the tack changes.

It is pointed out that Deda stem's have had not just faceplate issues - but safety recalls. Tens of thousands of units recalled (recalled / recalled / recalled) from various product lines.

Did you know about this?

Well do not feel bad - neither did I?

Deda stems - manufactured in both Italy and Taiwan - specifically the 100 - and I believe including the zero (of which I have *two* of that model in that length) have been recalled in the US.

So - next time you are hurtling downhill, and you hit a pot hole... or maybe that out of the saddle flat sprint wrenching at the bars with all of your might as the - glance down. Does it say Deda? Does it say zero? Is it 100mm length?

You may do well to get this a very close inspection, check the Internet on recalls, if not replace the thing as a matter of priority.


4 Responses to “Deda Stem Failures

  • Ian jones
    5 years ago

    Did you report this to anyone such as deda , the supplier or trading standards? I ask as I have had one crack on me but only on one corner. I am concerned that a junior or anyone else would suffer a more serious fate.

    • anthony
      5 years ago

      Good morning Ian. Thank you for getting in touch. You will have noticed this was a third party – not myself, and that I had linked to various recalls for some batches of these, so at the time it was historical. Stems are complex bits of engineering – they cope with torsional and impact loads through a lever – and are connected through welds, casting or milling. The use of bolts to clamp the stem and the steerer in place are going to cause risers within this. Not using a torque wrench, and not tightening as instructed is going to exacerbate the issue. I would strongly suggest if you have a crack that you replace the item – especially if it is alloy, as cracks are the end of a failure, not the start… and if you have any concerns as to manufacturing quality or failure that you contact the manufacturer/vendor.

  • I was riding down a step hill yesterday, and my deda100 (110mm 81degree) stem failed. Exactly the same experience as described above, i had about 3 seconds of freewheeling, accelerating, unable to break to decide where to ditch the bike. The result…. bruises, road rash and a seriously smashed helmet but me broadly intact.

    I have a picture of the stem, and it is frighteningly similar to the one above, with the front plate sheered below the two top bolts, and the two bottom bolts snapped. If you want I can send you a picture.

    I cannot find deda customer service details to contact them, but I for one will never trust their stems again.

  • Michael Brammall
    5 years ago

    I’ve had 2 faceplates snap on my deda 35 stems, the srcond of which was 2 days ago. Fortunately on both occasions it didn’t prove to be too dangerous but i now have the inconvenience of 2 stems without faceplates.

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