Do not. Cannot. Should not.

Today a combination of events - those who I knew who would be out - the weather - the route - the fact I had turned a corner in my recovery... lead to me heading out on a ride. My consultant and my physio have advised against it - but I would like to think I am a reasonably good judge of the biological machine that has fuelled, served, and lumbered around for the last 40 odd years at the bidding of my wanting grey cells.

It would appear the gamble paid off.

Ready as I was to turn back, if not stop and wait for pick up just as soon as things got ugly.

Two rules. No out of the saddle, and no pulling on the bars (more than was necessary).

Not only did I make 15 minutes on the group I was intending to set off with and miss - I went on to set a personal best, and a leader board 6th place (my first!) on two segments.

Sure, my legs felt like lead, my lungs felt like they were the size of walnuts, and I am still coughing stuff up now.... however - 8 weeks of super sedentary behaviour. 8 weeks of sofa, bed, sleep, occasional walk... it doesn't impact you as much as you might think.

50 miles. 4000ft of climbing. Averaging 147watts, topping out at 936watts. Rain. Smiles. All seated. First ride since Easter and a double busted shoulder.... first heavy / prolonged exercise for that matter.

I am - quite frankly - amazed. The deep end it is then.

All things in moderation - but it's a start.

Thank you to everyone who waited on the climbs that needed out of the saddle riding, and tollerated my zooming off on the flats... I was like a free'd animal. Many smiles. Even in the rain.

Opportunity meets tell me I cannot do something... this appears to be the red rag to the bull for me.

Well... Red rag to a slightly competitive Pooh Bear type at the very least.

Now lets see if I can get some sense of normal sensation back in this arm, and see how it long it takes for this to be tollerable without painkillers. Small price to pay - right? Right.



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