Updates & Progress Bars

So, today I have cause to update PBA-S from Parallels, Odin / Ingram Micro.

First of all - go team - it doesn't explode in flames. This was a pleasant surprise, new, exciting... however two things that strike me coming away from it.

  • The upgrade took 68 minutes.
  • An idea of a ballpark figure to expect would be fabulous;
  • A progress bar that shoots to 40% in 30 seconds, and stays there for 40 minutes before suddenly completing.
  • However this does give you the impression something is occurring. Where as the remaining 28 minutes was spent with an ncurses "running post configuration" which appeared to be doing ..... NOTHING. Thankfully playing lucky dip assured me it was doing something constructive as it mysql OPTIMIZEd each of the involved tables.

Its 2016 - progress bars people, that or a little logging window tailing the log... small things. Srsly.

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