Wiggle Lost my Garmin

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As I am apparently not meant to share the response trail - let me paint you a picture.

Query best option to resolve a Garmin issue with Garmin Edge1000 within warranty period. They suggest sending back to provider as opposed to them - as I will get a new one, not a repaired one. Great stuff.

Send back a broken Garmin Edge1000 to Wiggle March 17th.

A week later I chase up as I have heard nothing - they confirm it has arrived.

As it came as part of a performance pack they need the (working) sensors sent back so they can replace the pack.

I send back the sensors - a chest strap, cadence sensor, speed sensor around April 17th after losing the will to live over how I was meant to know which ones to send back, and why it was so necessary.

8th of MAY now, I chase up asking for confirmation on how this was progressing with themselves or Garmin as it was indicated it would not in fact be replaced under warranty - but sent off to Garmin for review. I am told that they have no record of the device, or indeed the second packaging arriving. Ever. I am asked - one month and two months on from sending to provide the proofs of posting (!).

I send off the email that I had found (through a highly unusual process of looking through the emails I had received to this address from support@wiggle.co.uk regarding the matter) received stating that they have the devices by way of confirmation.

So - here we are. Two months on. Wondering if they have now misplaced the device. Lost it. Gone.

Wiggle - this vexes me. I am very vexed.


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  • anthony
    8 years ago


    Scan or retain those proof of postage receipts from Collect+

    They had lost the Garmin, lost the sensors, and were unwilling to accept the emails they had sent saying they were in receipt.

    Thankfully I had scanned both of them – so had a copy of them.

    I mean how often do you keep those after you have been told they are received?

    Okay – how about 2 months later?

    No. Me neither!

    Scanning FTW in this case – at which point they ship me a new performance bundle 8pm, and it is with me before 9am the next day…. albeit in a box that looked like it had been run over.

    Trying to follow up on the where / why / how – nothing. Zero. They consider it resolved. No means to escalate, no means to follow up, no means to formally feed back.


    There are many things that I will forego, overlook, work around… however disappointing me… not so much. I am … disappointed Wiggle. Shame on you.

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