A good week for pictures

This last week has been glacial in it's progression. Equally it has been a week that has been full of false promise, and some of the most technically / socially challenged souls I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Some times it is like that - you just roll with it. However this week also gave back. Four of my pictures published - two by Road.cc and two by Welsh Cycling. That - in anyone’s language is none too shabby. Ying to the Yang. Nice.


Minor fist-pump ensues - and faith that there is a little give to the take. Yay.

So Road.cc well this is a bit of a game that Mat and I play between @mat_acton and @zer0sandones - but this is a first for two posts... it must have been a slow week.

The Welsh Cycling images were sent in as a request for photo stock last year at some point.

None the less - slow week or others - go me. These small victories with which I prop up my fragile existence ;)

So anyway about that - back to that learning to use my camera again... .














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