“I am 82 you know”

This morning For the last [as long as I can remember] I have seen an old boy making his way along the cycle path to the village I live in as I headed to work. Some days he was further along, some days, not so much - however roughly the same time - rain or shine - and all but the coldest windiest weather - there he would be... whether that’s in a thick coat and gloves, or like today a light jacket and a cap. More recently I realised he was not riding TO somewhere, but got to the end of the cycle path and turned back.

I have not been riding to work. I am still recovering, and its not a stress that I was looking to introduce to my life.
However - every day as I headed in - there he would be.

Today - rather than passing him head on, I caught him up.

I slowed, and said hello - thankfully without scaring the hell out of him - always a gamble when you roll up next to some one.

It transpires that Cyril lives at the other end of the cycle path, and for the last TEN YEARS, he has been riding the FIVE OR SO MILES along the cyclepath, and back again in the mornings. Cyril is 82. He says he likes to keep busy.

Here is Cyril. He is a motivation.

I am going to ramp up the riding to work again. It is time. Thank you Cyril.

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