Picking a camera back up

Last weekend I did the whole "ooo I should take my proper camera with me". Packs up familiar objects into bag, and heads off.  "Just like riding a bike", I thought to myself. Sure. Like when you switch bikes - and the steering is SO different, and gearing catches you by surprise and you lock up the brakes.... just faster in unrepeatable moments you have missed. This was me, this was my camera, my old friend, underused - and apparently no longer an extension of my arm, eye... heart. Arse.

The afternoon re enforced this as I still had the camera with me, and still fumbled to gain control over the settings - trying to re engage old thought processes that had been gathering dust for far too long. Function all too slowly returning as I struggle with flashing numbers and results displayed on the small display.

I resolve to do something about this moving forwards.

Take back what is me.

Starting with a mini adventure to a local time trial - where I had a go at snapping fast moving objects at range, and up close in lighting that was late in the day and at extremes of bright and shadow. Why not make it easy for myself right?

Small steps.

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I am feeling challenges. Enforced use. Sure its old - but it's abilities FAR outstrip mine.

Good to see that I was doing a better job that PROGRAMME mode was. Very re assuring.

Curious that the cheaper long lens and the cheaper body were doing a better job in terms of usable shots than the better glass and the better body... however the main difference was the perceived closing speed and range.

The two used here are an Olympus E510 with a 600mm EFL lens, and an Olympus E-510 with a 50mm EFL or so. Plenty of time to take the first - just very aware of camera shake. The latter were pre focus point, wait, wait, hold, hold, all the frames in the hope it caught them at the right point as they shot through the focal plane. The lighting - a challenge. Anyway - a return to use. Go team.

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