Simple. Enjoyable.

Struggling to feel the love getting back to the bike.

Sure - physically - been out riding. Arm goes numb, shoulder aches a tonne. It is physically possible, but I just lack the drive I had.

This morning I had engineered a situation - work trousers in wash, clothes at work, weather not ideal, but hey - gotta start somewhere.

9 speed, wrong tools in saddle bag. Side step - throw tube, levers, patches, gas in my pocket - done.

Stopped when I realised there was no Garmin on the bike. Yeah... I should... maybe tomorrow....

Stuff it.

Off I went.

Options are phone or smart watch - went with the later, two button pushes start, two to stop. Boom.

You know... it was curiously liberating.

No idea of time shouting at me, no chest strap, no speed, power, cadence, the list goes on. Nice.

Nice to the point of maybe some baggies and a loose cut jersey? Consciously trying not to hurry - hey I even stopped to speak to Cyril for the first time in ...ever. Shifting not all that shiny, rear wheel a bit of a buckle, but hey - I have had this bike since school (over *cough* twenty years ago). Sure the stem is "on the wrong way up" (I just hope none of my friends see me) - but the uncluttered handlebars... there is a beauty to that... seriously. Like a fixed gear beauty.

Anyway - it was just kinda... fun still.

I need to make more fun... more of the things I used to enjoy.

...just the small matter of the complete lack of fitness, strength, and the London100 looming at the end of the month.

what no garmin

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