Speedplay Keep on Covers

Speedplay. I am a convert. Message ends. I love the way you undo a screw and re-grease them. I love the compact design, the reverse thinking of "pedal" as such on the shoe. Four hole drilling shoe and remarkable mounting and 'adjustabillity'. But then you have the metal plate underneath. They really could do with covers. Keep on Kovers / Keep on Covers in fact.

The Speedplay cleats last a long time. Sure they cost a bunch, but even without covers they last where the ABS plastic and PTFE of Look et al just chips and gouges away. What breaks for me are usually the circlip retention lugs that stop it spinning around too much. This is not a terminal event - you just get to be aware of it. It is after-all a metal plate you are stepping down onto as opposed to plastic... however hard.

Metal, on tiles for example... feels like it has a lower coefficient of friction than ice on ice. Those moments when you look out in-front of you to see one if not both feet approaching eye level with no loss of height... as the world slips into slow motion, and a rather effeminate squeal escapes as you accelerate towards a particularly indelicate rendezvous between sit bones and hard HARD flooring. Pride hurt.

We have all been there.

Throw in the fact that covering them means they pretty much stay MINT with the exception of grit and grease... why would you not.

Having tried the more traditional Coffee Shop Covers - which fall off, you have to carry them around, and then you forget they are on when the rest of the group rides off and you are left needing to get back off to rip the things off - assuming they come off (I can recall at least) . This was not for me - for look for Speedplay.

So I was recommended these Keep On Kovers vZ.3- and having lost ONE after three years - it was time to get new ones.


COMTAT (Bespoke Racing Cycles) - while a really odd name for a shop - they do these rather nice ones, and they are really rather splendid.

Sure they are not free - however neither are the cleats - this is a premium system.

Ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday, standard shipping, UK - job done.

Thank you very much.

You put them on over the cleats - they stay there - that’s it - happily ever after.


However - this does not remove those:

"I just stood on a fox poo"

"Pine needles - really?"

"You want me to walk on sand"

... the kinds of things that every Speedplay user will be aware of (alongside the black plug popping out and grease snaking everywhere when purging the bearings!).

No solution will ever be faultless - but Speedplay - long may you reign.

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