Amazon Prime Packaging Fail

Every now and then I get to see some rather fantastical packaging. Amazon Prime I am looking at you here. Sure, they arrived the very next day, however what they are not is suitably packaged in my honest opinion.

As it transpires, initial benchmarking then SMART tests show the drives are operating - however whether they remain this way I guess is yet to be seen.

In the past - the era of the Deskstar 60GB's and their wondrous clicks (remember these were ground breaking capacities at the time and a staggeringly fast ATA133)... I remember the requirement to return HDD's to IBM in specific HDD boxes fantastically outstripped the plastic cam shells they were shipped out in in terms of protection.... kinda odd given the fact if you were sending stuff back under warranty it was most likely already toast. Hmmm.

Anyway - I digress - here we have a tail of two deliveries. Two couriers. Minutes apart.

Two mechanical - thus weighty drives. Packing real mass and momentum when on the move, shipped wrapped in anti-static bags, and two layers of cardboard for a buffer. Put down on my desk after collection from the door with the care and attention you would put down a book... as that is what it looked like. A really rather heavy book, wrapped in Amazon branded card.


The two featherweight uSATA read intensive SSD's came in a large box padded with brown paper. Inside that box were the two further boxes. In each box was waffle foam, and a cutout in the middle for the drive. Where it nestled. Sleeping - after its hard journey in an antistatic bag. All Dell branded. All smelling of new. ... even if they transpired they were indeed the wrong model. D'Oh!

IMG_3496 IMG_3495 IMG_3497 IMG_3498 IMG_3499

Sure - I appreciate the drives are off. Their G-shock loading is going to be quite high. However - when you are used to receiving drives in foam homes, protected, nuzzled by layers of wrapping... its a bit brutal to find them slapped down on your desk pretty much in the buff. Even if they probably can roll with the punches... you can only imagine what they went through in transit. Mindful of the stories of items for the Apollo space programme having their spec. lifted to survive courier to the launch.

Either way - Amazon. Have a word. Dell, bang on, if a little overkill for something with so little mass.

UPDATE Wednesday 10th August

As it transpires the drives both benchmark fine, and they extended SMART test fine, and initial copies to and from the drives appear to be okay. However - the point still stands. Not marked fragile, not wrapped in ANYTHING shock adsorbent - Amazon Prime - Shame on you!

This being said - and with the caveat of "I am an engineer and do not get out much" the specification for the WD Caviar Green would suggest that this drive can withstand:

"Operating (2 ms, read) - 30G
Operating (2 ms, read/write) - 60G
Non-operating (1 ms) - 250G"

Which is curious that it can withstand more writing than reading - but either way - non operating 250G's - thats quite a bunch in anyone's language. None the less - back to lack of though in packaging. Bad, bad Amazon.


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