“It’s only a quick question…”

"It's only a quick question..." is one of those phrases that can wrong foot me in an instant.

Sure - I am sure that it is.

It is usually the statement of fact that justifies not jumping through the minor formalities of raising a support ticket, or pulling together any specifics, logging, and what I would generally like to refer to as "facts".

I guess in this day and age 'facts' are in the same school as 'having enough of experts' - something we have so little time for the days.

Other quick questions of a similar school that jump to mind are:

"Is there a god?"

"What is the meaning of life?"

Short question. Huge answer... if any answers, and with limited or absolutely no terms of reference.

Don't be one of those people.


You owe it to yourself.

Formality, long form, maybe with a short version of the same question in there too for clarity.

However - take it from this side of the terminal... THERE ARE NO QUICK QUESTIONS.



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