Subscription FTW

Plausible denial. Ignorance is bliss.

....or more likely the more hostile "I don't think you understand; this is my business."

Which sounds like some solid reasoning - however if it meant that much to you, you would give it "the attention it deserves."

What am I talking about here is websites again - maybe patching - maybe deprecated code - maybe errors.

For all our moaning and complaining about software vendors moving from a license fee for use to a month to month basis...a subscription service if you will. The obvious advantages from a business side of things as you know there is income, there is revenue to build the new product, and you are not then dependant on getting user X to switch to edition Y as they like version B - and like it even more as they don't have to pay for a new one... even if it is insecure, and you are fed up with supporting it. Aye' there is the rub.

Web Developers, and customers... there is a good argument from an engineering and service delivery point of view that you should go the same way.

"We no longer speak to the developer."

"We no longer have a developer."

"We let them go and we do it ourselves now."

"But we have not made any changes to our code."

"We have done nothing, it must be you."

"You have broken my site."

"I cannot update it as the theme will break."

Time passes. We apply patches. Code versions come and go. Things become deprecated. Standards change. Things become insecure, things NEED to be updated.
This is very much a double edged sword:

As much as I feel your pain - these things do need looking after... and if you are not up to taking on the responsibility yourself - that really is super cool, just please, for everyone's sake, don't try and deflect.

As much as I feel your pain - its not okay to continue to run sites that are in need of patching or works. The argument is usually along the line of "but the customer doesn't want to pay for upkeep". Okay, I hear that - but its not okay to run something that you know to be vulnerable and insecure. Not for a bit not even for a "but they are having a new site built".

SO - is it just me or the subscription model would work here? No? Maybe? Meh - what would I know : /

In short if it needs patching - patch it. If you cannot, or do not want to - turn it off.

Repeat after me x10.

"Maintenance & Diligence."

It is the way forward. I think I am feeling a doodled coat of arms or similar coming!

For the love of @#$^&! *mutter*

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