The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est…

The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est...

... you know how the poem goes... well let me introduce you to the 'new one': "I am moving away to another hosting provider because..."

1. My site keeps getting compromised;

2. My site runs too slowly.

No one likes having the mirror held up - however moving the SAME CODE and SAME DATABASE to another provider is going to cause disruption, scope for the introduction of new issues, and it absolutely will not:

[a] Patch, secure, and audit your site as you have been omitting to do;

[b] Look into why things are running slowly such as crazy big logs, bad queries, lack of caching, leveraging, or issues with third party code.

It is okay to not know. It is okay to ask. It is even okay to say "you know what - this is not for me" (and get someone else to look into it for you... however - I just feel the need to reinforce... moving a website with issues is going to move the issue - not resolve it.

If your developer is telling you the above, get a new developer, if you are the one telling you to move... think like an engineer, quantify, what is the actual issue... why is my site slow on platform where others are okay... it's probably not the platform.

ASK questions.

TRY solutions.

DO the patching.

DO the optimizations.

LEARN things.

Just keep in mind if you are moving to the developers hosting - ask yourself what is in it for them... sure familiarity, ease of use.... control over billing, control over you... and possibly even for the move too.

"....Jump for me!!"

There... I feel better for letting that out now. </rant>

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