Small thing, big hole

Misappropriating tools is always fun. However for enterprise solutions - well - you need something a little bit more reliable. Mounting 2.5" SSD drives into 3.5" drive holes - especially hot plug ones - well you need to consider expected air flow, stability and so on.

For some time now we had been using Kinsgton drive converters - which irritate me purely by trying to look like drives ... why? Skeumorphism gone mad.

These are essentially a means to replicate the air flow within the caddy space of a larger drive, and at the same time ensure that it is able to be bolted into place securely within the caddy or chassis. Simples. Electrically speaking they are pass through.

So the frustration of installing into a 720xd with PERC 710 mini card to find the drives in the Kingston converters are for some reason seen, but not usable. Odd.

We happened across these metal bracket converters marked "MyArmor New Dell 9...y Caddy With Screws" which despite being as sharp as SuperMicro rails in places ("I APPEAR TO BE WOUNDED!") they bolt around the 2.5" SSD allowing it and the drive to be screwed into the caddy, and then present the actual SSD's edge connector to the backplane without any kind of wiring. There is essentially no pushing of square pegs into round holes, it just offsets them to the side, and holds them rigid while also forming the same air resistance to the caddy intake.


These work great, don't cost a fortune, remove capacity for bad connections and wiring - do not suffer from hateful design, and are hard for even me to fsck up :)

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