Choice: Pick Any Two

There must be a name for it. You know the thing: 'Here are three options, pick any two'. The one that comes to mind is the bike one unsurprisingly - strong, cheap, light .... pick two. Here is a fictional exchange that I have altered to 1) keep me in employ and 2) better highlight what is occurring.... it made me angry enough to put on headphones, and seeth over it until lunch time and the ability to vent. Right then. Are you sitting comfortably? Then allow me to begin:

Q: What is the SLA on your email service
A: Which one?

Q: The cheapest one.
A: That is a consumer grade product it does not come with an SLA.

Q: But this is for my business!
A: Okay - can I recommend one of our enterprise grade products. Not only are they intended for the purpose, built from the ground up as a stand alone cluster, but they deliver calendaring and address books, as well as the reassurance of a solid SLA, and clustered hardware.

Q: Is it as cheap as the cheapest email solution you offer?
A: No - however it meets your requirements.

Q: It costs too much. What is your SLA on cheapest shared hosting?
A: Is this per chance for your business website? Does it by any chance need to be high availability, geographically diverse, CDN backed, with huge amounts of memory available, at least a terabyte.... no.... lets call it unlimited storage - and still manage to support the recognised cyphers on your IE running on XP?

Q: Hmm - okay - maybe I could just use forwarding for my email - that is free.
A: ...

Okay - so this is a fictional exchange.... I would like to stress ESPECIALLY THE LAST COUPLE THERE ... however it is exceptionally close to the the truth.

Three pounds a month for hosting.... that is per month, over four weeks, or thirty days - ten pence a day.... you do realize that deep down this is the value you are putting on the delivery of and survivability of your business... right? You are spending probably more on paper to wipe your backside, each day, than you are willing to spend on services to deliver your business.

I feel a little better for letting that out.

I am going to try REALLY hard not to be that person in other scenarios / fields.... now... the rest is down to you.

It could be worse ... I could be a salesman as opposed to occasionally fielding their calls.

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