Sticker Bomb

Not so long ago I had my Thinkpad "decorated". At first I felt ill at ease with it - then realised it meant that the weapon of choice for so many was no longer "the same" as mine.... I am reminded of "Major Kleiner requests that you do not describe your duffel as all duffels look alike".

At the time I thought to myself that this simply wasn't me - I am not the type of person who would deface a perfectly good laptop with such mindless frivolity - afterall an engineer has spent time and money going to the trouble of crafting those curves, details, logos and so on. Right? Right.

Having a serious "everything must go" clean over the last weeks I found an old friend - a venerable Sony VAIO Z600NE - resplendent in its anodized shiny purple metal shell, and ... what is this... hiding under a protective layer of stickers circa 2001. HOW LIMITED OUR MORTAL MEMORIES ARE!

Good bye old friend, a picture, a posting, a wow - that was a thing at the time, and recycling for you. Happy times. May you go on to live many happy separate lives as tin cans and sandpaper etc..

So here - for some comparison - now.... and then. Have we really moved so very far? Me... not so much.

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