Tools for a job

I am increasingly noticing a pattern for a requirement to bend platforms and architectures to meet the failings of existing code and business process. This is something I feel the need to vent about. Especially when the "failings" of the bent out of shape system then becomes the focus when things just don't work out.

First of all - sometimes things just don't work out. We have all been there. Engineering is all about that. Learn what you can, and try again.

Sure. Nothing makes me happier than using a tool or device in a way that it was not initially intended for in a successful manner. It is in fact a right of passage for the engineer, and bathed in awesome sauce. However allow me to draw a line - "moving to the cloud" will not "fix" the business process you are using, or the way in which you communicate with between hosts, or the fact you are trying to throw resources at your access database powered website in a wild last bid attempt to keep any degree of function rather than... heaven forbid... you have to bring your code kicking and screaming into the modern world.

If a platform has been designed to be agile, lightweight, rapid, with the fastest of premium storage, rocket ship spec. memory, and CPU cores-a-plenty ... then it is not going to be an ideal replacement for a long term file storage solution where shelves of NL-SAS would once have sat, and compute resources are an afterthought. No matter how much you want it to be... this is the wrong tool for the job.

Sometimes you just need to realize you are trying to fit a quart into a pint pot.

Blunt tools still exist, and for good reason. Use them where they are best applied, and keep the precision ninja for where IT is needed. Tools for jobs. Cost effectiveness where it belongs as opposed to haggling over "this is what I need but not at the price I need, oh, and can I have it in purple / faster / unlimited)?"

Equally sometimes it's just time to take a step back and look at applying new method and process to old problems.

Just please, try not to be angry if the offered solutions from the menu don't fit the legacy issues you have to solve.

...and breeeaaaath.

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