WHMCS – £ showing as £

So, you are replicating a WHMCS environment for testing. You copy the files, you copy the database, you copy back the various .htaccess and configuration files (remembering those crypt keys if you don't want garbage) and the world is good. Then you notice the currency is no longer a £ but is now magically £ everywhere. Alas while the answer is on the tip of your tongue you in no way remember the how or why of it.

The why of it is still very much a mystery to me - however - I do have the solution.

While logged in as the admin user, click on the SETUP menu option, then click on CURRENCY.

Here you will see the thorn in your side. Click on the edit or properties icon on the right hand side, and remove the accented A you have grown during the operation. Save, and return for tea and medals.

Why this does this through the dump and restore of the DB, and copying over of files heaven-only-knows however it does - and it does the same thing super consistently. I am beyond caring as to why - but very very happy that I have now almost written this everywhere I can to speed up the "oh I have written this down" moment. Happy days.

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