Available in Death Black

"[cycling garment] available now - in black" ...and only black.

Damnit. When will people sit up and listen. Black - visibility - especially in less than super good weather is pretty poor. So why do that?

Two years or so back I started avoiding wearing black jerseys and similar. Started using a rear light pretty much though the year and around the clock. Very little cost overhead - and big benefits - why would you not?

I received an email today from a retailer extolling the benefits of the latest waterproof from Gore Bike Wear. Fair enough. However I had only discussed this the day before with a cycling buddy in some depth: It is available in black. Only black. Sure - not everyone wants to wear neon / fluorescent shades - me included (and the point is mute in the dark anyway)... but JUST black as the colour-way? Really?

The buddy in question - had dropped them an email to ask if they were available in any other colours apart from "Death Black". They apparently responded with a no in short, and didn't address the comment or context. This is not a cheap garment - in fact it's eye wateringly expensive at £200 give or take - however it would appear that the classic Model-T axiom still stands.

However Gore are not alone. Apparently the same stands for the Perfetto2 - follow up to the legendary Gabba (weather proof front with a far more breathable back with a roubaix type material) - where a red one was ordered, but returned, as the back was black. More of the same and I am pretty sure there are more out there than just Castelli and Gore?

The answer apparently came back that they sell more units in black. Which is fair enough. I can even understand that. However would it break the bank to make them in other colours? No. Even if they did shorter runs? No.

Black Gabba was what I wanted.... sure. I didn't want one in neon green or fluorescent yellow either. Settling for bright red. Black looks good. I get that. If I thought I could get away with black black and more black in the winter - I would - soak up as much sunlight as I could, and most importantly it is *cough* ...slimming.  Alas vanity may be the death of you.

I say this with the background of having been hospitalised from a rear impact, and a frontal impact with lasting damage on both occasions (over 25+ years of club riding) - I really do understand that NOTHING is going to make you visible to someone who simply is not looking - however in the interests of loading the dice as much as possible FFS - death black? Really?

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