Strava and the Social Bandwagon

"Introducing Athlete Posts" / "The new home of your athletic life" read the titles... and my heart sinks. It goes on - there is more...

"Strava got a big upgrade today, and you can experience it by following these 36 athletes.

These athletes can now post stories, photos, questions, gear tips, race reports, recommendations, workouts – all kinds of content in addition to activity uploads. It’ll be great content, too, as you’ll see some of your favorite athletes on this list… Lauren Fleshman, Jered Gruber, Rich Roll and more."

I have long since championed the "Do one thing do it well" kind of thing.... I appreciate this means that one size may not fit all, or not generally not please the masses, but there is a line to be drawn between artistry / alchemy / cold hard cash.

I am reminded of a similar conversation a younger me heard at a club AGM in response to "how do we get more members?" ..... "do we need or want more members?"

At the time I was like OMG WTF to that... but now when I see the same faces, and hundreds on the books, and the focus and core shifted away to something I cannot get behind... then I am reminded that what I once considered to be a really negative phrase as questioning "well this works - lets do this - better". This is golden. This is in fact, to me, everything. Who knew right? Anyhoo - I digress (always).... .

So - Strava - if there are two things I should think the last week have taught you they would be:

  1. KEEP YOUR TIME LINE LINEAR PLEASE - I dont want it ordered by kudos or comment, I want days day shaped, early to late, in order smaller to bigger. Simple.
  2. I DO NOT WANT STORIES / OTHER - if I want Social I will use Facebook. I follow people I know mostly, people I care about. There are tools for adding stories or write ups to your rides. Use them. Don't. Your choice. Like reading them. "Curated" content - from professionals you are name dropping, with their own blogs? Guided by sponsor? Following the team line? No thanks. I would follow their blogs / RSS / podcasts / FB / LinkedIN / Twitter / Instagram - whatever. It has no place on my timeline.

I pay for Strava Premium.

People ask me why.

My answer is.... or was - because it's a great offering. It came to market doing everything - doing it right - with little in the way of obstacles to entry or use... it worked on just about every damned device - and became a defacto tool overnight for cyclists. Sure. I like what I see. I am supporting that.

HOWEVER - start veering from your goals, your ethic, the reason why you are where you are - aspirations of becoming something else.... and I am out, with my feet. Toys from pram - it's how I roll. I do not think I am alone.

If you could do things for me for me - a paying customer - make it faster. Keep it add free. Show me more stats. Do more interesting things with the stats. Integrate with existing platforms in more innovative ways - DISRUPT not get on the wrong band wagon, too late, for no good reason.

SO - sorry for using so many CAPS and bold and "tell you what I think" like the gutter press ... however it is like watching a plane crashing. Slowly.



...or you are gonna crash.

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